Accessories & Optional Equipment

Improve Your Heating and Cooling System

The following HVAC accessories are designed to compliment your heating and cooling system, and are optional.


With a condensate pump, water is safely pumped outside the house or into any available drain, sink, or sump. Units have a built-in overflow safety switch and are designed for simple installation and quiet, trouble-free service. Completely self-contained with stainless steel pump shaft, snap-action float switch, check valve with 3/8″ hose connection and a 6 ft. power cord.  HVAC accessories such as this condensate pump are occasionally recommended by A&K as they have the ability to save a considerable amount of trouble in certain situations.

Condensate Pumps Atlanta HVAC Accessories

Condensate Pumps


This multipurpose water sensor can be mounted directly on HVAC units, or in a metal or plastic secondary drain pan. The float switch continuously monitors any condensate overflow and automatically shuts off the HVAC unit if any overflow is detected in as little as 1/16 inch of water.  Many of A&K’s new installations come with the float kill switch HVAC accessory.

Foat Kill Switch HVAC Accessories Atlanta

Foat Kill Switch


Do you have one or two vents that you just don’t get enough air out of? A booster fan can help! For round metal or flexible duct. Installed in ducts to boost air flow for hard to heat or cool rooms. May be wired in parallel with blower for simultaneous operation or with optional adjustable fan switch. Units are available in 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″ and 10″ diameters.

Airduct Booster Fans Atlanta HVAC Accessories

Airduct Booster Fans

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