Air Duct Balancing

higher efficiency means lower costs!

Do you have some rooms that are too warm or too cold?
Does one floor of the house get much warmer or cooler than the other?
Do some vents blow too much air and others not enough?
And are vents way too noisy?
If you answer Yes, then your system may have unbalanced air ducts!
Having your air duct system professionally balanced might solve your problems, and also improving comfort and efficiency.


Using sophisticated test instruments, our technicians record and measure all equipment readings including supply, return, and room-by-room temperatures, static duct pressures, cfm (cubic feet of air per minute moving through the system), and measure airflow output from each vent.
We inspect the ductwork for any problems, air leaks, or restrictions. We also check the air filter, and then make any necessary system adjustments; including adjusting duct dampers for optimum efficiency and comfort.


It’s not uncommon to find a system 20% to 40% low on airflow. Lack of proper airflow drastically reduces the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. Poor airflow decreases system performance, raises utility bills, and reduces equipment life.
When our trained technicians measure the airflow, they can determine the “true” system performance. They can then balance, repair, or modify the duct system for maximum efficiency and performance, resulting in a more comfortable and balanced home.


Our professional Air Duct Balancing Process usually takes 2 hours per zone to complete. Additional charges may apply if duct modifications are required.

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