Hampton Install Or Replace A/C Or Heating Systems



Everything has a shelf life, an expiration date, and heating and air systems are no exception. Replacing an old, dated system can save you money from costly repairs and doctors’ visits.  Old units can collect dust as well as begin to rust, which can initiate the breakdown of the unit. Pets can chew wires, rodents and birds can nest in outdoor equipment and weather can further add to the deterioration of an already aged system.

Sometimes all that is needed is replacement of a small capacitor or glow plug, other times it is best to replace the entire system.  Occasionally, very old systems may not function correctly when replacements parts are added to it.  Spending more upfront on a new system can lead to considerable savings over the long run. Replacing older equipment means better efficiency and comfort.

An old and inefficient outdoor air conditioning unit, before removal by A&K

A new quiet and efficient Ruud Air Conditioning unit installed by A&K

Technician installing a ductless air conditioner in an apartment

  1. Save money with more efficient equipment
  2. Improve comfort
  3. Improve indoor air quality
  4. Comply with new EPA regulations such as the phaseout of Freon
  5. A&K Heating and Air Conditioning will remove and recycle old equipment

Installing a new ductless split system is also a great way to increase your comfort when installing ductwork would be impractical or too expensive.

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